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Saturday 7th September- Please give your Support
Attical v Glasgow Gaels followed by:

🔴Red or Black in Burren Club
Right folks tickets £10 for this amazing night's entertainment and craic in support of our Glasgow friends are now on sale online.
Please come along and bring family and friends.

👉 https://glaschugaels.teamapp.com/store

If anyone has any issues with buying tickets to get in touch with us via pro.glaschugaels.scotland@gaa.ie for assistance thanks

Tickets will also be available at the door on the night.


Irish Classes to start in mid September

Due to the number of people expressing an interest in learning to speak Irish or improving the Irish that people already have, Irish classes are starting in mid September for all levels. Meeting in The Hub next Wednesday night 28 August 2019 at 8.30pm to arrange the most suitable night and time to hold the classes – it is hoped to run a beginners class, a basic knowledge class and an advanced class. If you are interested in the classes, but are unable to attend on Wednesday please give your name to Paul Fegan, Justin Murphy or Gavan Murdock. 


by GAA\spadmin, Wed 29th Oct 2014
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