Registration for 2023 now open!

Membership for all players in 2023 will take place online or

Parents will recall the return to play website used during COVID protocol in 2020/2021. Please log in to your existing account and register your children for the new season. If you are a new member and don’t have a foireann account, please sign up.

1: Please check your profile for accuracy, especially contact details
2: Read consent statements and tick boxes as necessary
3: Update your family as required, please check dob for accuracy
4: Add your child(s) to relevant team
5: When prompted for payment, you can choose the ‘pay later in club’ option if you already pay by standing order. If you pay in full here, we will allocate you a Down Draw Ticket and notify you

NOTE: LGFA players registered on Foireann during the 2022 season will be given a valid registration until the 31st of March 2023. On the 1st of April 2023, your registration is no longer valid and you will be required to re-register.
Members will only receive an email confirmation of their registration once they have been ‘verified’ by the Club Administrator.

Membership fee:
Family membership for juveniles remains at £120, which includes a Down Draw ticket. Your fee covers membership and contributes to club costs and future development.

Foireann help: